Matt Miller spotlights school fundraising with Cookbook Publishers.

Cookbook Publishers with Stephanie Jones

Matt Miller spotlights school fundraising with Cookbook Publishers.

This week on the School Zone Podcast, Matt Miller spotlights school fundraising with Cookbook Publishers. Joining him at the microphone is Stephanie Jones, New Business Development at Cookbook Publishers.

Matt Miller spotlights school fundraising with Cookbook Publishers.

Matt brought Stephanie into the School Zone to share great fundraising opportunities with Cookbook Publishers. Stephanie explains that Cookbook Publishers is a company that creates custom cookbooks for your school or other organization to sell to help raise funds for a cause. Although they fund-raise for several different types of organizations, their primary focus is in the public school system.   

One of the coolest features about this program is the fact that your group or organization has the opportunity to collaborate and customize your own cookbook. You or anyone in your group can simply go their website and edit the cookbook by typing out and submitting recipes. If you do not have time for that, you can also gather them and send them to Cookbook Publishers to have them type them up for you. Stephanie adds that the cost for each cookbook varies. The volume of the order and the amount of recipes determine how much each cookbook will cost the school or organization, however, they are typically sold for around $10 by the school. Additionally, there are several ways to pay for the cookbooks other than having to pay out of pocket. Organizations often look for a local business sponsor or sell advertising space to several local businesses to pay for the cookbooks, so that they can just turn around and sell them for profit. 

If you or someone you know is interested in raising funds for their school or organization, Cookbook Publishers might just be the right fit for you. You can contact Stephanie at 800-227-7282 or reach them over live chat or through the email link on their website: www.cookbookpublishers. Thanks for joining us this week in the School Zone!  

This year Cookbook Publishers celebrates our 70th anniversary of producing the highest-quality fundraising cookbooks on the market. Whether you’re looking for “just the basics” or a completely customer-designed cookbook, we’re here to help every step of the way.


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