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Mentored Pathways with David Neils and Cameron Shinn

On this episode of School Zone Podcast, Matt welcomes not only one special guest, but two. The first guest, David Neils, is the head of an organization called Mentored Pathways, followed by Cameron Shinn, an English and Drama teacher in the Northern Colorado area, who uses his job to not only teach, but also mentor students who are involved in the Mentored Pathways program.

Initially inspired by one of David’s mentors when he was a little boy, David created Mentored Pathways, which is now an organization that facilitates electronic mentoring relationships between students and professional adults internationally. From the start, the mission for Mentored Pathways has been to involve students from K-12 in their local school or home school students in any area of their education that they’re passionate about. Once a student signs up for the program, they are connected with a mentor who can help the student to put some form around their ideas or interests, make a difference, and continue guiding them toward their passions and ultimately future careers.

In the first few minutes of the episode, Matt highlights the importance of having “coaches” or mentors in your life and emphasizes the impact that they can have on motivating and focusing you to achieve your educational or life goals. That is where Cameron comes in. He got in touch with David and now uses his gifts in the arts to mentor kids and share his experience in the Mentored Pathways program. Having served about 50,000 students across 11 countries thus far, they’ve witnessed the impact that this program has on getting students involved and encouraging them to become passionate about their education. Over the time period of just 30 minutes a week, these mentors have the ability to help students achieve their academic goals and reach their fullest potential.


Contact Information:

Direct: 970-481-9795

Toll Free: 877-376-8053


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