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The Imagination Machine With Katie Deshan

In this episode of School Zone Podcast, Matt shares a conversation with Katie Deshan, who works for a company called The Imagination Machine. Originally founded by actress, Debbie Ren, in 1981, The Imagination Machine was created as a school assembly company with the purpose of promoting the arts to the kids of all ages in the public school system. Now working in about 500 schools, the company can be hired by any given school to go in and select about 10 plays written by students in the school and then perform them in front of the student body so that the kids can see their works come to life. They have found that when a student writes a play and then watches it acted out in front of them, it encourages their creativity and motivates them to go back and write more, thus promoting the arts.

The troop of actors and actresses that they work with are carefully selected and highly experienced, being that a majority of them have professional careers with Disney in California and have other gigs in the surrounding area. Having such a talented and charismatic troop enables them to improv these plays and create a memorable experience for the all ages. Although they are limited to working in California and Nevada right now, they have hopes of expanding geographically more and more as the company grows. Visit their website: www.theimaginationmachine.com or email them at: office@theimaginationmachine.com for more details and to get them involved in your school!


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