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Michael Hayes: S.T.E.A.M. Science and Robotics

School Zone Podcast welcomes Michael Hayes from Steam Science & Robotics.

Steam & Robotics teaches children about science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. We use 3D printing, robots, drones, and teach children these topics in a fun environment. The company started in 2007 in Plano, Texas. My daughter and I were looking for a way for more girls to become interested in science. We are now in 10 states, and 5 countries.

We offer programs starting at 7 years old, where kids can build their own robots. By their second level, they are already starting to write programs for making robots. So the programs are exciting and fun for children.

We also developed a new program for kids who are more interested in arts rather than science, called Dynamic Art or Moving Sculptures. This creates moving sculptures and art for students who show more interest in art rather than engineering.

We want to grow students who are interested in these fields in a technological setting so that they will be able to create in the future in our job market. We are starting to see children create websites and writing programs for games on their computers.

We try to introduce a broad spectrum of children to robotics and science. They particularly love to watch the robots battle, so we decided to create a kit for this. It is a kit to build a small robot so that they can push another robot out of the arena. This improves their understanding of physics as well as they continually improve their robot models.

Our goal is to entertain the children while simultaneously providing learning experiences.

We go to schools to offer the courses to instructors, or self-studied versions to homeschoolers. We also bring all of our robots from educational companies in Korea. Steam & Robotics has developed our own specialized drones with Baylor University to configure our drones that are specially manufactured in the United States.

Our website is, or you can contact us through our phone number that is provided on the website as well. From there, we can send one of our city directors to work with you and your school. This also pairs with PTAs at elementary, middle, and high schools.


Contact Information:

Company Contact: Lynette Piggott
S.T.E.A.M. Science and Robotics
Phone: 855-740-1199


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