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Brady Campbell: My School Calendar App

School Zone Podcast welcomes Brady Campbell from the cell phone app, My School Calendar.

We have four children, and my wife found herself frustrated because she found she missed school events and information constantly amongst all the kids. She suggested someone created an app to download entire school calendars into one application.

The schools come to us with their calendar information, and we enter it into an app specifically for that school. From there, parents can download the app in the App Store, and all the information will integrate into their cell phone automatically. From there, we give 70 percent of the proceeds back to the schools as a fundraiser.

There is no set-up fee for the school to provide the calendar information to us. All of the proceeds come from the price parents pay to download the app online.

If there are any updates to the calendar system, a notification will alert parents to update the calendar in order to stay up to date.

Our fundraiser is extremely simple, and takes less than five minutes for schools to submit their calendar information to us to set up the app and then begin fundraising.

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