A photo of Adam Shell and Parent Planet a school resource idea.

Parent Planet with Adam Shell

In the school zone this week, Matt Miller spotlights Parent Planet, a school resource idea that offers a unique, hassle-free school scheduling app. This innovative school resource idea offers a hassle-free way for parents to gain easier access to what is going on in their child’s life at school. Matt believes this is a winning concept that offers immense value.   

Parent Planet is a scheduling and communications app designed around parents, schools, and extracurricular activities to help improve planning and communication between parents and schools. Adam, founder of Parent Planet, was frustrated with the amount of information he was being sent by his son’s school that did not apply to him, so he came up with an idea for a system to help consolidate and sort the school’s calendar. His vision included receiving only those notifications about the events that he needed to be involved in.  

Instead of receiving one long generalized email from a school at the end of each week and sorting through to find the information that is applicable to you and your child, this app provides a simple, consolidated platform to inform you of a specific calendar of events that only apply to you and your child. Parents are allowed free access to this app in the app store and are free to create any sort of calendar or group calendar for teams or schools. On the school level, only school administrators have access to creating and editing the calendars, however, parents can join those groups to gain access to their calendar and start receiving notifications based on their child’s needs. Although the business model is based mostly off of schools right now, the goal is to branch out to camps, businesses, and other groups to make all group event scheduling hassle-free.  

If you are interested in learning more about this school resource idea, contact Adam for complete Parent Planet program details. You can log on their website at: www.parentplanet.com or email him at: adam@parentplanet.com or you can email his partner Mike: mike@parentplanet.com  

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Contact Information

Website: www.parentplanet.com

Email: Adam@parentplanet.com

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