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Save Around with Joe Ewing

Welcome to School Zone podcast, with Matt Miller! In the School Zone joining Matt this week, to talk hassle-free fundraising, is Joe Ewing of Save Around Fundraising. Taking an industrial twist on the classic coupon book fundraising model, Save Around Fundraising has not only provided a way for schools to earn money, but they have also made it easier than ever by including a digital code for their app that has an extensive library of local deals with each book.

Started in the mid-1970’s, Save Around isn’t the “new kid on the block” in the fundraising world, by any means. They now offer a 3-in-1 type product in the fact that they incorporate 3 unique things in their books: local vendors and companies, box stores and retailers, and a code to their mobile app component which has digital deals to compliment the deals in the book itself. One of the pros of Save Around is that when the kids take home an order form and sample coupon book, they can sell them locally to friends and family, AND they can sell them to family and friends almost anywhere in the US!  Another nice component for the school is that there is no minimum to the amount of books purchased. They can purchase as little or as many as they want depending on the sales they make, which makes it 100% risk free for them.

If you, your school, or organization is interested in learning more about Save Around Fundraising, you can view their product or get more info in these two places:



Thank you for joining Matt Miller in the School Zone this week and unpacking yet another amazing fundraising opportunity for your school! Looking forward to having you joining us next time!

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