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Lice Clinics of America with George MaCoubray

Welcome to School Zone podcast, with Matt Miller! In the School Zone joining Matt this week to George MaCoubray of Lice Clinics of America. The treatment system that Lice Clinics of America uses has been licensed from the original founder, a biology professor at the University of Utah, and has been tested and proven to get rid of lice. Their system is extremely valuable to schools because of the fact that kids aren’t allowed to come to school if they have lice. Sadly, many kids miss half the school year because of the fact that they have not been able to effectively get rid of their lice problem.

 It is estimated that about 2% of the American population have lice, however, most of that percentage is concentrated to kids. Although there is a multitude of rumors floating around about how lice are spread, George settled those rumors and explained that lice are only spread a couple of ways–the number one way being head-to-head contact. Every now and then a louse will be forced onto a hat by one person and then transmitted to another person when they put the hat on. However, lice aren’t as likely to be transmitted that way because they are only attracted to hair. Typically when people discover that they have lice, they will try every over the counter drug or shampoo out on the market, but it doesn’t completely kill them. Those types of medications kill the live bugs, but they don’t kill the eggs,which are glued to the hair shafts and extremely hard to eliminate.

The method that Lice Clinics of America uses is a method that uses controlled, heated air that dehydrates and kills not only the live bugs, but the eggs as well, which prevents more lice from hatching. Additionally, whenever a patient comes into a clinic of theirs, they bring in the whole family and any close friends or relatives that might have been exposed to lice as well, so that they cure the entire environment instead of just one head lice victim.

If you, your school, or organization is interested in learning more about Lice Clinics of America, you can find out more info on their effective lice treatment system.


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