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Art in Action with Katie O’Malley

School Zone Podcast Spotlights Art in Action

School Zone Podcast spotlights Art in Action on this episode of the podcast. Art in Action’s mission is to promote the visual arts in schools. Whether it be a public school, private school, or homeschool organization, Katie O’Malley says Art in Action is looking to promote the dying field of the arts in education. Kids love to express themselves through the arts, but cuts in funding for arts programs in education limits this expression. With promotion of the arts through the Art in Action program, they have already started to see the rise of the arts again. Art in Action’s ultimate goal is to turn all “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) schools into “STEAM” schools by putting the “A” or Arts back into the schools. Art in Action is unique in that their curriculum and activities can be seamlessly integrated into regular STEM subjects while promoting the benefits of artistic expression. Not only do they sell curriculum, but they also have a headquarters where teachers can receive free training in how to integrate the curriculum in their classes and relate any subject back to the arts. Love the idea but are unable to train at the Art in Action headquarters? Take advantage of their online training program where you can be trained as well. Although there are no fundraising benefits, the value of this special curriculum that teaches students lifelong creative skills is immeasurable.   

If you or your school is looking to promote the arts in your school, contact Katie O’ Malley and the folks at Art in Action. Hop onto their website:, email them at: or call them at 650-566-8339.

Thanks for joining Matt Miller in the School Zone! We will see you next week! 

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