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YearbookLife with James Stauffer

School Zone Podcast welcomes YearbookLife to the Podcast. YearbookLife Offers Yearbooks Made Easy!

As we look to close out the 2017 year, it seems fitting to spotlight a company that specializes in capturing and chronicling the people, events and history of school days, enabling you and future generations to revisit and remember the trends, styles and cherished memories from some of the best days of school life.

YearbookLife offers a full range of yearbook publishing and printing services, including elementary school yearbooks, middle school yearbooks, high school yearbooks and specialty books. With their easy-to-use yearbook design software, great customer care and technical support assistance, YearbookLife provides all the resources to simplify the yearbook production process with some of the best prices in the industry.

The School Zone Podcast is honored to have James Stauffer of YearbookLife in the School Zone.

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