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Some Tips For Not Becoming Overwhelmed with Christina Hidek

Being in charge of a group or organization can be a challenge. Especially when everybody has their own ideas on how things should work. When that happens, the group’s priorities can become skewed causing disorganization, which can then cause burnout and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Even if it comes from a place of good intent, it can cause the group to stray from their core mission.

“When you try to do everything, you’re going to do nothing well.”– Christina Hidek

 Christina Hidek of PTO Answers heads up the Facebook Group called PTA/PTO Super Star Leaders, and she wants to teach you how to be true to the mission, learn to say “no”, set boundaries, guide your group, and put yourself on your priority list.  Learn how to incorporate this invaluable information, no matter what group you lead.


Facebook: PTA/PTO Super Star Leaders

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