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KidGooRoo with Alex Skove

You need a tutor for your student, or you need an after school activity. How do you know who or what is available? And also, how do you know if it’s worth your time and money? KidGooRoo has got you covered. Started by 3 Moms, KidGooRoo is your source for reviews and ratings for whatever it is you’re looking for, including activities, tutors, programs, and organizations. There are 100,000 programs listed in the database with 167 categories and they cover 8 states for far: the Northeast, California, Texas, and Florida.

“Finding information to help you make a good decision” – Alex Skove

KidGooRoo is also a fundraising company! There is nothing to buy and no big event needs to be organized. After your school signs up, the parents simply write reviews off of their experiences with programs in your area, and 2 weeks later the school receives a check. All because the parents wrote reviews! It’s a win/win for the school and the community.


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