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Inspire Your Kids To Read With The Principled Primates Marlin and Percy

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Marlin and Percy is a fairly new comic book series that has been in the making for many years now. These comics came about from a desire of Matt’s to want kids to be interested in reading, as well as to create a clean, uplifting comic book series. Caleb Bollenbacher, a graduate from Baylor University had the idea of Marlin and Percy in his head ever since he was a child, and is now writing the script for the series. Tyler Ellis, also a Baylor University graduate is the illustrator and graphics man for Marlin and Percy. There are four complete comic books out so far, and many more currently in the making. Marlin and Percy comics are not only are entertaining for children to read, but they also promote good values all throughout the series.


Show notes:

  • About Caleb Bollenbacher [01:22]
  • About Tyler Ellis [02:48]
  • Background of how the comic book series began [06:05]
  • How the guys came about the characters in the comic book [08:05]
  • Different villains in the comic books [16:53]
  • What the long term future of Marlin and Percy looks like [19:48]
  • How long does it take to write out a script for a comic book? [24:03]
  • How long does it take to illustrate the comic book? [26:27]
  • Themes and principles of the Marlin and Percy comic series [32:08]


Marlin & Percy is a comic book series many years in the making. While originally conceived by Caleb Bollenbacher over a decade ago, this series has finally come to life with the dynamic art of Tyler Ellis and the vision of Sticker Swarm Media founder, Matt Miller.  Matt was inspired to read in his early years by reading comic books and was driven to provide good, clean characters and stories to school kids across the country.

In Marlin & Percy, kids have the opportunity to follow the hijinks and hilarity of two primates who have decided to be heroes, only to find out that being a hero means a lot more than wearing a cool cape. Over the course of their adventures they discover that heroism isn’t always glamorous, can be as easy as being a friend, and often requires putting others above yourself.

Here’s a short video that shows the inspiration behind Marlin & Percy.



Caleb Bollenbacher has been a storyteller since he was a child. As a child, his stories had lots of room for improvement, so he went to school to learn more. After graduating from Baylor University with a degree in English he moved to Boston, MA for the sake of adventure. He writes novels, comics, screenplays and, occasionally, grocery lists. Though he doesn’t have any pets, he can juggle.


Tyler Ellis has always viewed art as more than a hobby. Adopting the approach of mixing work and play, he went to school to pursue art, and now holds several degrees from Baylor University. He also holds pencils, pens, and computers at various times as he pursues work as a freelance artist and illustrator. He is the proud owner of a cat, but would gladly trade it for a baboon if the opportunity arose.


Matt Miller is a former Air Force pilot and advertising executive that developed a life-long love of reading by reading comic books at an early age.  He is the founder of the hassle-free, school fundraising company, School Spirit Vending (SSV), that provides their fundraising program to 1000’s of schools across the country.  Matt’s goal was to create the “Bazooka Joe” of this generation in his School Spirit Vending sticker machines and from that idea, Marlin & Percy was born.  Marlin & Percy four- panel comics provide the packaging for many of the stickers that come out of the School Spirit Vending sticker machines, providing added value to the ultimate customer, the kids in SSV’s schools.



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