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Encouraging Reading While Raising Funds With Howard Gottlieb

LogoHRRead-a-thon impacts kids in a positive way by encouraging them to read as well as helping schools get away from the traditional fundraisers. Read-a-thon keeps the focus in general like a “go fund me” but it is specific to reading. The ideal school is anyone with readers from two years old up to the eighth grade that needs to raise money and doesn’t have the time to manage or handle a product fundraiser.

How the program works:

With our system we’ve created a program where a school will hold ten reading sessions that they control. The basis of the program is that each reader will complete 10 reading sessions ranging from 10-30 minutes based on age. We provide the fundraising administrator a complete read-a-thon starter kit: two sets of reader take home sheets to tell parents about the read-a-thon, and reminder bracelets for the kids to wear home as a reminder to the parents. The parent and child can build their personal read-a-thon page in a minute. Using our tools they reach out to friends and family via email, social media, and text and tell them about their child’s participation in read-a-thon. Basically, in about 3 minutes the average person can put their read-a-thon program within the reach of about 350 people in their social network and email list. We direct friends and family to a reader donate page that explains the readers participation in the program and asks for a one-time donation.

A 400 person elementary school should raise between $20,000 and $25,000 a year. Read-a-thons can raise a lot of money, participating is fun, we help manage your fundraiser, and you can trust our system! This fundraiser allows kids to be focusing on reading rather than selling, while raising money for the schools!

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