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Chattothefuture (1)Adam Mckim is a high school teacher in St. John New Brunswick Canada. The work of improving the lives and learning of children all over the world has become his passion. Above all he wants children everywhere to see each other as neighbors, and realize their potential to lend a hand, improve the world, and make new friends.

CHAT to the Future (Care and Hope through the Adoption of Technology” is a registered Canadian charity that has been built by teachers to connect students to a world beyond themselves. A network of over 50 schools in North America is connected to an orphan family in Uganda. The family of Orphans in skype for up to an hour 3 days a week with different schools in North America that belong to our organization. The skype sessions vary each time from skyping while building snowmen, showing off talents of judo or yoga, singing, and just teaching each other different things. The idea of these sessions is to have fun and ask questions, break down stereotypes, and to bust up some damaging myths about Africa. This helps our students to realize that these are kids just like them across the globe trying to get an education, and who love to see these other kids all over the world who have different things to show them. This provides an exchange in cultures, and is truly and adventure.

Next 5-10 years: in the fall this year our partners in Uganda became a registered charity themselves, so they can now operate in the community. We will be able to help more kids attend school and to extend the skype experience to classrooms in Uganda, and have it be a classroom to classroom type thing rather than just classroom to a family after school hours. Connecting kids in a meaningful way has really been an exciting journey for our small organization.

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