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Apex Fun Run With Jeremy Barnhart

ApexFunRun-Full Color Logo SigApex Fun Run’s passion is to help teachers as well as students and schools. We help schools with fundraising as well as teaching leadership and fitness focus to the students. Our team brings the Apex Fun Run program to the school for two weeks and at the end of the program we have the fun run. Each student asks people they know to pledge money per lap that the student completes which is between 26 and 36 laps.

With Apex Fun Run, 10% of the funds raised in the classroom go directly to the teacher, so the teachers have skin in the game and a direct benefit which is pretty unusual in the fundraising industry. Many fundraisers don’t directly benefit the students, with our fundraiser we are teaching the students leadership skills and fitness awareness; things that will hopefully impact them for a lifetime. Many product-based fundraisers don’t raise a lot of money for the schools because the school only gets a small percent of the funds. We wanted to change that model, so with Apex Fun Run, the school gets the majority of the funds. An average school across America right now nets about $23,000 from our 2 week hassle free fundraiser.


Apex Fun Run has transitioned to Apex Leadership Company. Catch all of the latest Apex news in our latest interview with Jeremy Barnhart and the Apex Leadership Company!


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The School Zone Podcast offers us a unique platform on which to share the Apex Fun Run story. Thank you for featuring the Apex Fun Run school fundraising program.

JEREMY BARNHART, VP of Franchise Development, Apex Fun Run

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