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Ultra Folders with Erika Alvarez and Elizabeth Peotter

Teachers, Administrators, and School Volunteers go to great lengths to make sure parents and guardians are aware of what’s happening in their schools and with their students. When the form of communication comes in the form of a paper, there’s that “Oh,- I – hope – this- makes – it- home – and- into – the – right – hands,” thought. Ultra Folders wants to remove that thought and that stress from you.

Remember those sleeves that you put your sports cards in when you were a kid? Or the container for your prized baseball or maybe comic books sleeves? This is that same company! Ultra Pro has been around for over 60 years. Ultra Folders is a division of that company, so you know they can be trusted for quality.

Ultra Folders offers 7 different types of folders to choose from, including folders with prongs, pages and pockets. And they are slightly bigger than standard paper size so you can fit more than on paper per pocket, along with construction paper, and certificates.

What makes it even more perfect for your school or organization, it that you can customize them! You select the location, foil color, font, and size for up to 5 lines of text. That means that each grade, class, or organization have its own color or look. And each folder is PVC free, acid free, BPA free, non-toxic, and recyclable.

The Discount Code for our SZP listeners is: SZPOD10

School Zone Podcast welcomes both Erika Alvarez and Elizabeth Peotter to the Zone today! Listen with us as we learn more about Ultra Folders and how they can keep us organized. You can reach them at:

Website: Ultrafolders.com

Phone: 844-365-3371

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