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Read For My School with Dave Schenone


Welcome to School Zone podcast, with Matt Miller! In the School Zone joining Matt this week to talk hassle-free fundraising is Dave Schenone, CEO and founder of Read For My School. With an extensive background of 25 years in the entertainment and educational software industry, Dave began to focus his experience and knowledge into education solutions, which resulted in what is now known as his successful fundraising company Read For My School.

From the get go, Dave’s mission was to find a way to incorporate empowering kids to read and fundraising for the schools. Not only does Read For My School meld those two key elements, but it also capitalizes on the convenience of modern technology by creating a public dashboard where kids, parents, donors, and school administration can keep track of an individual’s progress or view a leaderboard. In creating this fundraiser, Dave has discovered that it is relatively easy to raise funds because donors love supporting a cause that encourages and teaches a love for reading to kids. By donating, they feel as if they are “passing off the torch” to the younger generation.

On the school side of things, it actually doesn’t cost them a thing to get started and it’s relatively easy for a school administrator to set up. All they have to do to get started is to go to their website, start a fundraiser, name it, create a start and end date, set up the fundraising objective, and set goals for the individual students or classes. Read For My School only makes money when you do. Additionally, Read For My School helps to encourage reading at home with their option for kids to be able to track their reading time inside or outside of the classroom and check the leaderboard regularly to view their standings.  To find out more about Read For My School, you can reach them at:


Thank you for joining Matt Miller in the School Zone this week and unpacking yet another amazing fundraising opportunity for your school! Looking forward to having you joining us next time!

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