Jim Schrad Red Apple Resources

Jim Schrad: Red Apple Resources

Today School Zone Podcast welcomes Jim Schrad from Red Apple Resources.

Jim began as a farmer several decades ago, when he relocated to Dallas, Texas. His business has grown to selling pies, cheesecakes, and cookie dough; all homegrown and handmade. When we began fundraising, we sold jewelry as a fundraiser. But when we adjusted our focus to food products, we grew our business so that we had our own trucks, handmade goods, and early deliveries; as a convenience for PTAs so that they do not have to wait until the evening for their fundraising goods to arrive.

We are not a massive bakery, but we are large enough that other companies buy from our bakery because of the high quality. The amount of product that we provide to the PTAs is very large, generous, and fresh.

Red Apple Resources covers the entire state of Texas for fundraising, with the main focus on elementary PTAs.

Our top-sellers are cookie dough and pies; pecan, cream pies, and fruit flavors.

The best way to contact Red Apple Resources is to give us a call at 1-888-546-1526; we always have a live person to respond to your calls.

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