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School Volunteers Share with Jen Cosgrove

Schools and organizations need volunteers to help with activities and fundraisers. Everybody knows that. The question is, how do you talk to people about volunteering without them turning around or hiding when they see you coming? We have an answer for you. School Volunteers Share. It’s a Facebook Group and a website, under the direction of Jen Cosgrove, dedicated to helping you obtain and train volunteers.

“Everything is easier when parents are involved” – Jen Cosgrove

Jen is a long-time school volunteer turned PTO President and volunteer coach. She’s been on both sides and understands the challenges of recruiting. On her website, she offers videos that teach you how to get busy parents to volunteer. Plus, you’ll learn the power of the face-to-face ask, of listening, of establishing a good rapport, and of “thank yous”.  It also features her blog and free resources along with Featured Posts which include topics like The Ultimate PTO Checklist, Making Teachers Wishes Come True, Maxing Out Your Online Fundraiser, Online and Easy Fundraisers.

Even if you have only one volunteer, this will be invaluable information for you. So join Matt in the School Zone as we learn how to lead from Jen Cosgrove.


Facebook: School Volunteers Share

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