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The Ocean Adventure

The Ocean Adventure with Wayne Brown

The School Zone Podcast welcomes Wayne Brown and his program The Ocean Adventure to the podcast. Wayne, a marine biologist, and his wife Karen have been inspiring students and encouraging ocean literacy for 27 years with their underwater adventure programs. Wayne’s interest in the underwater world began with a love for scuba diving. As a […]

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J.C. Barb Fireade

FireAde with J.C. Barb

The School Zone Podcast team had an exciting few days in San Jose California at the California CAPTA conference where we had the opportunity to learn about a fascinating school fundraising program called FireAde. It is our pleasure to welcome J.C. Barb and FireAde to the podcast. Fire Service Plus has been in production for […]

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Chuck E. Cheese's

Chuck E. Cheese’s with Micah Hardt

The School Zone Podcast team welcomes Micah Hardt, regional learning and development manager of Chuck E. Cheese’s to the podcast. Micah has been with Chuck E. Cheese’s for 16 years starting as a party server in the showroom and now assisting corporate with team training and voice over work. In 2004, Chuck E. Cheese’s developed […]

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Good Grains(1)

Good Grains with Zack Swire

The School Zone Podcast welcomes Zack Swire of Good Grains to the School Zone! During today’s School Zone Podcast episode we sit down with Zack Swire of Good Grains whose mission it is to bring health and happiness to our communities and beyond. As a father of triplets, Zack and his family have been exposed […]

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Brick By Brick

Brick by Brick with Heather Cours

From the floor of the California CAPTA conference, the School Zone Podcast is honored to share a conversation with Heather Cours of the Brick Global Education Fund program. We welcome Heather to the podcast. As a mom and a school PTA veteran of 18 years, Heather wondered why schools could not order school supplies in […]

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Harlem Wizards

Harlem Wizards with Eric Jones

The School Zone Podcast welcomes Eric “Broadway” Jones and the Harlem Wizards to the School Zone. Eric Jones has been part of the Harlem Wizards for 18 years and feels fortunate to be able to travel the country entertaining people. In 1962, Howie Davis started the Harlem Wizards. The team is now owned by Todd […]

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eScrip Joanne Remillard

eScrip with Joanne Remillard

From the floor of the San Jose Convention Center and the California State CAPTA, the School Zone welcomes Joanne Remillard, founder of eScrip to the podcast. eScrip was founded 19 years ago to bring commerce and community together to support schools and non-profit organizations and to make that an easy offering for the entities involved. […]

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Hillary Edmondson PTA Fundraising Considerations

Hillary Edmondson: PTA Fundraising Considerations

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